Natural progression after more than 10 years of being in the music business, was to start her own record label.

Based between New York and Europe, SoundSelective Records is a tech-house/tecno label based on a simple yet fundamental concept: underground teck quality at 360 degrees.

The label moves in the realm of electronic underground dance music, where sophisticated and eclectic moods coexist over powerful dance-floor grooves.
Furthermore the artistic direction is based upon offering good electronic dance music across the board, shying away from any tag, label, trend or pure genre.

In this respect SoundSelective Records churns out a "hybrid" sound, rich in textures, contaminations and vibes that range from classic house or tecno, to funky rolling basslines or jazzy and tribal percussions, to tecky elements, connecting the dots through out many genres.

The label started off at the beginning of the year with Milly De Mori's personal “Encounters EP”, followed by Monpolar "Jalapacalima EP" and A&R supporter Luca Doobie with "South America EP".


SSLV 001   Encounters EP- Milly De Mori (Usa/Italy)
SSLV 002  Jalapacaima EP - Monopolar (Pantamuzik, Mexico)
SSLV 003  South America EP - Luca Doobie (Anomaline, Italy)

Next Alex Costa "Yellow EP" with a remix by P.Toile and Milly De Mori

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