To define DJ millydemori's production style is not easy, as she's more interested in experimenting and forging a hybrid sound, rather than following pre-configured formats and genres.
Having witnessed the club scene since the very early 90's, Milly has been exposed to many different currents of sounds, which all have influenced her style today.
So far she's been skillfully able to fuse rolling funky bass lines, with hi-teck sonorities, intricate groove structures with organic percussions over interesting sculpted sounds.
As she puts it "personally i've never fit into any specific category or definition, because that's how i am, and obviously that has an influence over my music and djsets. Today i would define my music as a mix between tecno house and teck house, but I like to play around with different elements, and that's what makes my time in the studio a lot of fun!"

While working mostly solo, Milly is occasionally joining forces with Milan based DJ & Producer Luca Doobie (Off, Freerange, Safari Electronique), and together they've had releases on Highgrade Digital and Presslab.

On the labels front, Milly's tunes also caught the attention of important underground tecno labels like Florian Meindle's Flash Records, Landed Productions, Malatoid and Voiceless (ex Kritical Noise Records) headed by Marco Dassi (M_nus),who have licensed a number of remixes and orginal material.

Same goes for
Presslab records, who have a long standing for quality underground club music, and they've released 2 of Milly De Mori's EPs, Breathin' and Trittonic EP .

Besides these labels, Milly De Mori has been releasing some of her music on her own SoundSelective Records label as well, thus positioning Milly De Mori as a solid & prolific player in the underground teck-house - tecno scene.

Make sure to visit Milly De Mori MySpace page to preview some of her tracks or download more of her DJ Sets.

Supported by DJs like: D.Diggler, Chris Fortier, DJ Remo, Jo Mills, Mathias Mashtronic, The Scumfrog, Andi Graham, Jon Selway, Martin Eyerer, Brothers Vibe, Format B, Gregor Tresher, Florian Meindl, Mark Knight, Presslaboys, Richie Hawtin, Nic Fanciulli, Dubfire, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, John Selway, Deepchild, Florian Kruse, Oliver Moldan, Alexi Delano,
Paco Osuna, Terry Francis, Onionz, Anderson Noise, Pole Folder, Wehbba
and many others


Milly De Mori Feb 11 Mix (mp3)
millybar March 2011 (mp3) on Radio m2o NEW!
millybar nov 2009 (mp3) Nov 09 on Radio m2o
suite deep session n.1 - October 08 deepness


Original Production
Suni EP (2011) - Milly De Mori (Voiceless)
- Suni
- Hammam
- Stabby
Sarah EP (2011)- Milly De Mori (Flash Records)
- Sarah
- Winchester
- Sarah (Luca Doobie remix)
Armstrong EP (2010) - Milly De Mori & Luca Doobie (Landed)
- Armstrong - Milly De Mori & Luca Doobie
- He's a good Pimp - Milly De Mori
- Palmare - Luca Doobie
Suni (2010) - Be Space CD Compilation mixed by Remo & Elio Riso (Lilith Records)
- Suni - Milly De Mori
Doves & Butterflies (2010) - Circle Compilation - Various Artists (Flash Records)
- Doves & Butterflies - Milly De Mori
Composto Picante (2009) - Various Artists (Highgrade Digital)
- Stray Cat - Milly De Mori & Luca Doobie
- Regatta - Milly De Mori & Luca Doobie
Encounters EP (2009) - Milly De Mori (SoundSelective Records)
- Shibuya 109
- Encounters
- Encounters (Luca Doobie Remix)
Japan Mon Amour EP (2009) - Milly De Mori (Malatoid)
- Japan Mon Amour
- Japan Mon Amour - Haito remix
- Touch This
Lame Mame (2009) - DJ millydemori (CDR)
Trittonic EP (2008) by Milly De Mori (Presslab Records)
- Maximum Minimal (2008)
- Popp (2008)
- Edna Teck (2008)
Ormoni Elettronici EP (2008) by Marcello Randazzo & Milly De Mori (Kritical Noise)
- Ormoni Elettronici - Original by Randazzo , Remix by DJ millydemori
- 127 bpm - Original by Randazzo , Remix by DJ millydemori
Breathin' (2006) EP- Milly De Mori-Doobie (Presslab Records)
- Original
- Exhale version
- Inhale version
- Inhale More version
Turn it Up (2006) - Milly De Mori (Tbd)
See the light (2006) - Milly De Mori-Lance Jordan feat. Nandi (Dusk Recordings)
Milkbone (2006) - Milly De Mori-Lance Jordan feat. Rosko (Dusk Recordings)
Soulmate (2005) on Pure Hydrogen compilation (Stefano Cecchi Records)
Ain't Funky (2003) - on Saturday Session (Stefano Cecchi Records)
Gogeit (2003) - on Saturday Session (Stefano Cecchi Records)


• Naaam - Milly De Mori Remix - Spirit Voyage (Mantra Remix Compilation) (2011)
• Atomium - Milly De Mori Remix - Alex Costa (SoundSelective Records) (2010)
• Matroska - Milly De Mori Remix - John Reynolds (Landed) (2010)
Happy New Jackie - Milly De Mori Remix - Monopolar (SoundSelective Records) (2009)
Home Piano (2008) - DJ millydemori Remix - Inexcess (CDR)
Robocop (2008) - DJ millydemori Remix - Marco Dassi (Strike Records)
Target (2008) - Cresh - DJ millydemori RMX (Kritical Noise Records)
Panna (2008) - Marco Dassi - DJ millydemori RMX (Kritical Noise Records)
Spastic Plastic (2008) - Marco Dassi - DJ millydemori RMX (Kritical Noise Records)
Time - Speakerbox (2007) - DJ millydemori Teck Dub Rmx (Track Works)
Put down your drink - Presslaboys (2008) - DJ millydemori & Luca Doobie Rmx (Presslab Records)
Groove - Elio Riso - DJ millydemori Rmx (2007)
Funqy Transmitter - Duncan Gray - (milly's funky mix) (2002)
Funqy Transmitter (milly's supa deep mix) - Duncan Gray (2002)

BARLOTTI mixed by DJ millydemori (George V records) 2003
• Zoogami Compilation - Three O - Technogyra (2008)
• Zoogami Compilation - Three O - Summer Vibe (2008)